Home2 Suites Breakfast Hours: What Time is the Buffet Open?

Looking to start your day with a delicious breakfast buffet? Home2 Suites breakfast hours have you covered! Our breakfast buffet is open every day starting from 6:00 am to every morning, and we have a wide variety of options to choose from.

home2 suites breakfast hours

Whether you’re in the mood for eggs, bacon, oatmeal, or something else entirely, our team has got you covered. Plus, our breakfast buffet is always free for guests staying at our hotel! Know all about Home2 Suites breakfast hours below.

Home2 Suites Breakfast Hours

Hilton Home2 Suites breakfast hours are different on weekdays and weekends. From Monday to Friday, our buffet is open from 6 am to 9 am in morning. On Saturday and Sunday, we’re open at the same time at 6 am but serve breakfast until 10 am, just like Whataburger breakfast hours.

To make sure you don’t miss out, be sure to set your alarm and head down to the breakfast buffet as soon as it opens!

Day Home2 Suites Breakfast Hours Start Home2 Suites Breakfast Hours End
Monday 6 a.m. 9 a.m.
Tuesday 6 a.m. 9 a.m.
Wednesday 6 a.m. 9 a.m.
Thursday 6 a.m. 9 a.m.
Friday 6 a.m. 9 a.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. 10 a.m.
Sunday 7 a.m. 10 a.m.

About Home2 Suites

Home2 Suites by Hilton is a stylish, all-suite hotel designed for the modern traveler. The hotel offers a unique home away from home experience with spacious suites and plenty of amenities.

 hilton home2 suites breakfast hours

The Home2 Suites hotels are located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. One of the best things about staying at a Home Suites hotel is the complimentary breakfast buffet. The buffet offers a variety of hot and cold items to start your day off right.

What Time Does Home2 Suites Start Serving Breakfast?

Home2 Suites starts serving breakfast at different times on weekdays and weekends. On weekdays, the buffet is open from 6 am to 9 am and on weekends from 6 am to 10 am.

What Time Does Home2 Suites Stop Serving Breakfast?

Home2 Suites stops serving breakfast at 9 am on weekdays and at 10 am on weekends. The buffet is open for a total of three hours each day. If you are a breakfast lover, be sure to get to the buffet as soon as it opens!

Home2 Suites Breakfast Menu

Home2 Suites breakfast hours menu offers a variety of hot and cold items to choose from. The buffet includes eggs, bacon, oatmeal, cereal, toast, waffles, fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee, and juice. They also have sweet pancakes and oatmeal with toppings like chocolate chips, dried fruit, and nuts.

home2 suites breakfast menu

The buffet changes occasionally, so be sure to ask about the daily selection when you check in. Of course, coffee and tea are always available. You can choose anything from the buffet and it is all included in the price of your stay!

Does Home2 Suites Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Home Suites does not serve breakfast all day. The buffet is open from six in the morning until nine or ten depending on the day of the week, and then it is closed for the rest of the day. Panera breakfast hours are also similar to this.

What is the Cost of Breakfast at Home Suites?

Breakfast at Home Suites is complimentary for all guests staying at the hotel. You do not have to pay extra for breakfast, it is included in the price of your room.

Home2 Suites Holiday Hours

Home2 Suites are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes holidays like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

The breakfast buffet is also open on all holidays from six in the morning until ten in the morning. So if you’re staying at Home Suites on holiday, be sure to enjoy the holiday breakfast buffet!


Home Suites by Hilton is the perfect place to stay for business or pleasure. With a complimentary breakfast buffet, spacious suites, and a convenient location, Home Suites has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Hope this article was helpful. Follow our Lunchhourss site for more useful articles.

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